Woodland Renovation

Built in the 1980's by Design Specialty Builders, this home was structurally sound, but was in need of updates to give new life to the space. All the trim in the home was painted white and large wainscoting panels were added to the walls to give the space character. The once square doorways were made into arches to add interest and the wood floors were refinished in a richer color. Large patio doors were added to the dining room to open the views to lake as you enter the home. The existing kitchen cabinetry was painted white to freshen the space and a new island was added in a contrasting color. The bay window was removed and custom-built bench seating was added to the space. The fireplace was refaced with stone and built in cabinetry was added for storage and character. On the exterior, gables and an expanded front porch were added to give the home greater curb appeal. The siding was painted and new wood garage doors and new wood front door were installed to add interest to the previously drab exterior.

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