Product and Finishes Selection

Because our homes are completely custom, you decide everything that goes into your new home. For some that process can be exciting and fun. For others it can be overwhelming.

The team at Design Specialty Builders understands that and can work with clients that want to be a part of every single selection or clients that need assistance or cannot devote that much time to the project. In these initial planning stages for your project, we will ask you a lot of questions to determine your preferred level of involvement and how you would like to make decisions.

If you know most of your product selections before we start building that's great—it will make the bidding process easier. For most of our clients, however, that is not the case. For these clients we will create allowances in each category (plumbing fixtures, lighting, cabinets, flooring, door hardware, etc.) for bidding purposes so you do not need to make all the selections in the beginning. Then, once the building process is underway we will tell you what decisions we need made first and give you time to make the next round of decisions.

When picking products, we will provide recommendations on suppliers and set up appointments for you to visit their showrooms so you can see all your options. For our clients that get overwhelmed by too many choices, we can provide a couple of options and "storyboards" of products that we feel will fit the style of your home and what we know about your personal preferences. We also recommend that all over of clients start a ideabook at Houzz is an online resource of photos that will help you determine your personal style. You can share what you have found with us so we can make your dream a reality!